Monday, February 21, 2011


So today I am going to start a new WIP. I am a few thousand words into one short story (that I think I am going to cancel), and another WIP (Slice). But I just have to write this new idea now. Why? Because I have been inspired!

Usually when thinking of new ideas, I start off with a creature I want to write about. From there, a story starts to mold in my head. Example: I wanted to write about witches. After some thinking, Enchant was born.

For my new WIP (The Curse), I was inspired by a song called Howl by Florence and the Machine. If you listen to the song, it is really cool and it totally just made me want to write.

So, I'm off to start this new book. What inspires you? And how do your stories first appear in your head?


  1. Yay! Ughm things just pop into my mind at random times. Usually music helps me develop the idea especially between characters. Happy writing!

  2. Any little thing can trigger my imagination - a class topic, historical event, something I see around me, talking with a friend. Mine mind just starts to wonder "What if..." or "How about...", then lightning just strikes and suddenly I have a new concept for a novel or a scene.
    Congrats on the new WIP! And happy writing!

  3. Like you, songs inspire my writing. The songs I listen to while I write depend on the mood of the scene, story, etc. Since I write paranormal and fantasy, many times the mood is consistent - dark! At the moment I'm having a great time writing to Adele - Rolling in the Deep.

    Congrats on starting your new book! Good luck and I look forward to reading it someday! :)

  4. Most of my stories sometimes first appear in my head as if I'm eavesdropping on people - I just hear voices. Although sometimes I see images.
    Although one story I have I started like how you started Enchant - think of a creature then go from there.

    have fun with the new book. :)

  5. Inspiration is a wonderful thing. Unfortunately, I'm very structured and can't seem to write more than one story at a time. So when I get inspired to write something else, I just jot down my ideas while I finish my current wip. Hence I have a folder of over 22 inspired ideas with pages of notes for the outline I hope to sometime build for them.

  6. I love getting inspired by music. Usually for me, though, the inspiration comes after-the-fact. I'll have an idea, and a song will help me get it down on paper. Though Rabbit Heart seems to be the exception.

    As for inspiration order, sometimes it's creature first, or concept first. Characters come right after, then plot.

  7. Inspiration has never been my issue, I literally have hundreds of outlines and unfinished stories in my Idea Graveyard (folder where I send my outlines until I want to, um, bring them to life o.O).

    Everything inspires me... seriously, I've gotten ideas from songs or quotes or one word prompts or photographs or playing the waitingroom game when I'm bored (not sure if other people play it too, it's just something I started doing to amuse myself in waiting rooms at hospitals and things: you look at all the people and make stories for them... start with a name, why they're there, their likes and dislikes then just build up a fictional life for them). So yeah, I get ideas everywhere, sometimes from nowhere.

    My issue is sticking with one idea long enough to finish.


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