My Books

If you're here to learn more about my books, you've came to the right place. Here are the projects I am currently working on...


Title: Enchanted (NaNo, 2010)
Status: Basically, this book will probably never be seen by anyone ever.

Title: Charmed (NaNo, 2011)
Status: Hopefully working on second draft soon.

Things I've Started:

Title: Slice
Genre: Contemporary 

Title: Outlawed
Genre: Dystopian

Title: The Curse
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Horror-Thriller

Title: The Heart of the Beast
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Things I Want to Write:

Title: Salvation (The Legacy War,#1)
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Title: Lost
Genre: Historical Fiction

Title: Family Secrets
Genre: Horror/Thriller

Title: Switched
Genre: Dystopian Romance

Title: The Time Collector
Genre: SciFi Romance

Title: Charmed
Genre: Contemporary Fantasy

Title: Our Religion
Genre: Contemporary Comedy

Title: Believe Me
Genre: Contemporary Drama

Note: I am not represented by an agent or publisher.
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