Friday, November 2, 2012

Long Time No See

...crickets. Yeah, I don't know where I've been either.

Seriously though, the reason I haven't blogged on here in so many months is that this is a writing blog, and I haven't been writing. My life is basically school, work, tennis, and all nineteen or whatever extracurriculars I'm involved in.

It's always an issue for me to write when it's NOT November. Maybe that means I'm not a real writer or whatever but I don't like it that much. I mean, writing is fun, but it's also hard and I feel like I do enough hard things in my life without adding another. But I am going to try NaNo this year, but I have so much going on in my life that I don't know if I'll win it this year, which is a shame since I have won it the past two years.

But those two manuscripts I wrote were so bad, and I haven't even attempted editing them. Maybe that means I'm not a real writer too.

I'm writing a contemporary teen romance this year, and I'll share more as the month goes on, but I'm honestly too tired right now. I wrote like 465 words today, and I hate all of them. It was all just INFO DUMP OF CRAP--all 465 words. I know what I want to be in the middle of my story, and I know exactly how I want it to end, but I'm having a hard time figuring out the beginning.

I'm behind 2869 words and it's only day two. Hope that's not an indication of how this month's going to go.

Bye. I'm going to sleep now. Thanks to all of you who have continued to follow this blog. I'm glad you're still reading, and I promise that not all of my posts will be this damn depressing and melancholy.

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  1. Just because you don't love drafting doesn't mean you're "not a real writer!" I struggle through drafting and have to force myself to write every day, and it's always hard for me to get 1,000+ words down every day. Some writers draft fast, and others don't. What matters is that you sit down and try, which you're doing! There's no right or wrong. Also, don't worry so much about "winning" NaNo. The 50K word mark is so arbitrary. Try to focus on quality over quantity :) GOOD LUCK!

  2. I agree with Michelle, Alex. Seeing you go through THE NANO OF DOOM last year (down how many thousand words? Still managed to win?) and having been lucky enough to have read said NaNo (which wasn't SO BAD. Which could be better. Which was fun and good and duh! A first draft!)--- seeing all of that made ME want to do NaNo this year. I was (and am still) so proud of you for making a goal and sticking to it, that I thought, "maybe I could do that..." So far so good, I'd say, but writers write, and Hon, you do that every November.

    Maybe that's just how you roll. Maybe you're just a recreational writer. Maybe you're a low-key hipster artist who knows how mainstream writing year-round is and just goes at it with gusto for the one month of the year that's not super overrated (minus Thanksgiving--- turkeys aren't ironic). My point is that no one else is labelling what you do, so you don't have to, either. As long as you're happy, you know? And doing something that adds or contributes in some way to that happiness...

    To the 2,869 words you're down, I say "no worries, guys... he's got this." You can always make your own goal for NaNo. You can always do NaNoReMo instead. But whatever yu do, I support you in it. Alex, you know and I know--- and you know that I know that you know that everyone who's watching your progress knows--- that you can do it. You've got this.

  3. I have awarded your blog a Beautiful Blogger Award.

    Check out this post for instructions.

  4. Take your time, breath, and just let the creativity flow through you. You are a wonderful writer and sometimes we have to take a step back and reevaluate. Don’t give up you have just hit a road block. Keep us updated.

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  5. You should read some interesting books when you're tired of writing. That makes you a new idea and the stress release.

    Helen @TEFL Program


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