Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Confused? Me Too.

Good news, guys... I wrote today! Granted, I didn't write a lot, but I wrote, and that's what matters. Really, I only wrote like 600 words, and it's on something completely new. More about that in a minute. So, I'm back at it. What I started today is completely unlike that last thing I wrote (my NaNo book), and it's refreshing. I'm writing a dark contemporary. Think... Gone, Gone, Gone, by Hannah Moskowitz. Oh wait, that's not out yet. ANYWAY, think of what you imagine that to be. Except different. Confused? Me too.

So I decided I'm just not ready to edit my NaNo book. Maybe in a little while, but right now I just don't have the motivation to do it, so I'm going to write something new instead. Who knows, maybe I'll get a random push of motivation to start editing, tomorrow even. But until I get that push I need, I'm just going to dedicate my time to other things--namely, this new project.

Before I go, I'd just like to thank you for all of the awesome advice you guys gave me on last week's post! All of your insight really helped, and I greatly appreciate your awesomeness.

Oh, and did you notice that I'm back after only a week... and a day?! I told you I could do it.


  1. It HAS only been a week and a day, hasn't it?! That's, like, the icing on top of the Cake of Awesome you baked for us today. For one thing, I am glad you're writing again. It's only been a month since you did this last (give or take a week) and I know you were worried it'd be another YEAR before you actually threw the gauntlet! So yay for writing and THANK YOU for writing. Being in California kind of makes it difficult for me to throw pens and paper at you until you actually do it. But, hey! We can try it. Which way is Michigan? That... way?...

    Anywho, besides all that, it's good that you're writing while building up momentum for edits. I mean... it's good to be doing SOMETHING. I'm a firm believer in productivity. And yet, I'm a procrastinator, but I'm a productive procrastinator, so... you know...

    No you don't! Why do I always say that? Do you notice I always say that?! I think I'm going to try to stop saying that. But do keep us posted on any new developments. It's funny because I've been thinking about your NaNo a lot lately. This, I believe, is a good thing so I'm glad you have plans to edit at a later time.

    Hope you have a frankin' good week,

  2. OH! And did I tell you I am randomly going to be sending you things from now until you get sick of me and block me from your interwebs?! Yeah! I am! Random quotes and articles (how I LOVE quotes and articles...). I've just *decided* that doing this will be good for us. And by us I mean you. And by you I really did mean you. I'm proud! You're paying attention!

    But here is a blog post by the lovely Claire Legrand on First Drafts and Wordiness. Okay... So I totally just stole the title of her post for my own purposes. But yeah! You get the point. It, admittedly, is a bit wordy (go figure), but I liked it. Hope you do, too.

    Have a happy Thursday!
    P.S. As in rock, paper, scissors, a "happy Thursday" does not beat "a frankin' good week." So last time's prayer for you still stands. Just in case you were worried about whether or not it did. :)

  3. Also, for shame, forsooth! It's been TEN DAYS, Alex. What am I supposed to do without you?!?!?!

    Oh write. Right. I knew that. Let's just... forget we had this convo, yeah? Write to me soon, okay?... No?... Too soon?...

  4. You've yet to post again, and I KEEP finding new things! No worries, I don't embarrass easily. Read this post please. Just do it without question and I promise to leave you alone (until the next post appears, mkay?!).

    Hearts and Hugs!


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