Tuesday, October 19, 2010

In the Mood

So, last night I wrote almost three thousand words. That was my most productive night... ever. I seriously am not that fast of a writer. Tonight, I wrote almost one thousand, and was ready to quit.

This brings up the fact that there is a time when you are in a writing mood and when you aren't. Last night, I definitely was. Tonight, I wasn't. I think some of it may have had something to do with everything I had last night was outlined and planned, while I am kind of winging it for now.

On my outline, it skips over a whole cross-country road trip, as I didn't fill anything in between Las Vegas and Detroit besides "exciting and romantic stuff happens here". I need to figure out what that stuff is before I continue to write.

I think I need to outline, it really does seem to help. My author buddies have been telling me it does, while some people have been telling me it takes the magic out of it. Well, I have a very loose outline. I just have bunch of big events that need to happen. They haven't been happening in order, some of them not happening at all. But that is okay.

Anyway, I guess this night has made me realize I need to outline some more or I will not be able to have nights where I write several thousand words.


  1. i know... sometimes i want to write a lot and sometimes i don´t... it´s strange...
    but the bad thing, is that when i want to write, i don´t have time enough and when i can´t write well, i have time to do a lot of things...
    it´s strange, but happens.
    well, have a nice day!

  2. Haha x'D I think this is a common problem. I suck at writing outlines, so.. I rarely finish what I start. Which is never a good thing.
    3000 words in one night is awesomesauce. Good job x'D
    Are you going to write something new for NaNo, or are you going to continue with what you're writing now?

  3. I write to. But there are those days when it is just "Ah. I don't feel like writing, so I'm not going to, otherwise it will be crappy." I outline too, but only the big events that are to go down in the next chapter. When I wing it it is just a bunch of babble between the characters and nothing cool happens :)

  4. First of all, I love the comment message. :D

    Anyway, I completely understand. I personally think that whether outlining works or not depends more on the particular book than the writer. Outlining for The Lemonites would have been a bust, but I *know* I need to outline Forbidden. Of course, the extent to which you outline depends more on the individual. I certainly wish you luck with the outlining because, in my experience, it can sometimes be harder than the writing itself!

    I'm sorry that I haven't kept up with this blog! If you could add a feedburner subscription option... ;D

    Also: Is this the same WIP you emailed me about a while ago?


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