Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What I'm Working On Now

What's up everyone? So, I looked at the comments from my last post and it looks like some of you want me to share some of what I'm working on now. Well, if you ever want to know about my current WIPs, check the word counters in the sidebar. Those tell you which books and stories I'm writing. Then, just click the "My Books" page at the top of the blog and figure out what I'm writing!

Currently, I'm mainly focusing on a super secret short story that I can't share much about. I can tell you that it has one vampire/actor, two girls, and some crazy action. It's going to be around 5,000 words, I think.

Other than that, I am writing Slice, a novel that also has a bit of vampire action in it. Weird, a while ago I decided I was never going to write vampires. But... I guess I broke that promise. Oh well. Slice also deals with some heavy issues teens face sometimes. Think of it as... Skins or Degrassi with a touch of paranormal elements.

Enchant, which I already finished, is going to probably have to be rewritten. I didn't edit it at all as I wrote, since it was for NaNoWriMo, but now I am seeing the problem with that decision. I'll have to rewrite most of it, but some of it is still salvageable.

Thanks for being interested, and remember that you can still click here to tell me what you want me to be blogging about!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your WIP, can you tease us with a log line?


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