Saturday, November 13, 2010

In Which I Suck

I suck! How could I not blog for two days? Well, I guess I can kick that "blog every day of November" thing out the window. I will try to blog the rest of the month, however. I know you missed me, so I'll fill you in.

I have written a little over 2,000 words this week. Again, proving that I suck. But I am still ahead of schedule, so I'm not stressing out too bad. I just have to have a fantastic week next week. I wish I wrote more, I miss writing CLASSY lesbian sex scenes. I am just about to get to the part of the book where the story kicks into high gear, and I am really excited.

Reasons I didn't blog Thursday and Friday:

Thursday- I forgot.
Friday- After school (which got out before lunch), I went to my friends house with a few of my other friends. After that, we went to a movie and the mall. And then we went to my house for a while. It was midnight before they left, and I was too tired to do anything.

I hope you guys still love me!

See you tomorrow,



  1. Still love you Alex!

    Every time you talk about this book makes me want to read it even more! When can I? Lol

  2. Ahh, classy lesbian sex scenes. Gotta love 'em!

  3. We all still love you Alex! Don't worry, I haven't been writing as much as I should either!


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