Tuesday, November 9, 2010

In Which News and Popsicle Sticks Take the Spotlight

So I didn't write a lot of words today either, but I did manage around 1,400, which I am going to say is fine. At least it wasn't 200 again. But that isn't really why we are here is it? No, we are here for NEWS! Because I have lots of it.
  1. I am now an intern at Book Cents Literary Agency. Yay me! I'll be reading and reviewing books and manuscripts and such, and then discussing them with Christina (the literary agent), and the rest of the reviewer people. Pretty cool stuff.
  2. I have a new banner and blog name for this blog. Pretty cool stuff.
  3. I have deleted The Deceased. It wasn't really a good idea, and even though a few thousand of my words are lost forever, I can focus on writing stuff that is actually good... or can be with time. Pretty cool stuff.
  4. I've realized I write better and faster on weekends, in the morning, which leads me to today's advice.
  • Find out when you write the most and the best, and then write as much as you can at that time. After the morning (and my five cups of coffee) start to wane, I start losing focus, making it nearly impossible for me to get anything done.
I hope you have enjoyed the news.

See you tomorrow,

WAIT! I almost forgot to talk about my popsicle stick addiction. Yes, you heard right. I have a popsickle stick addiction. I literally have a bag of them, and I just sit there chewing them. I have sores in my mouth, slivers in my lips, and all sorts of cuts, but I just can't stop. I've tried gum, jaw breakers, actual food, but nothing can help.


  1. That is super awesome!!

    Hmmm, this agent thing intrigues me. Ill have to look more into it!

    Dont worry about the while deleting thing. I do that all the time even if I did write a bunch.

    I work faster on weekends as well. With school and all its better for me.

    Wow! Your more than halfway done! Thats awesome!!!! Almost there!

  2. Yay! Alex, you always have awesome news!

  3. great job on nanowrimo! hey where did you get the word count meter?

  4. I'm exceedingly jealous of your internship. Happy for you, but jealous xD

  5. WOOHOOO!!! So glad you will be a reviewer with me!! Glad to know some others working with them :) I just found out a few minutes ago myself. Exciting stuff!!


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