Saturday, November 27, 2010

In Which I Am A Winner

Is that not the most beautiful picture you have ever seen? It is. It is so beautiful, even if I don't look beautiful at all. I look disheveled and dirty. You know why? Because I won NaNoWriMo!

I am so so so so happy, tears were even in my eyes as I entered my manuscript into the word count validator, which actually told me I didn't have enough the first time I tried, but then when it told me a winner I freaked out, printed the certificate, and bragged to all my tweeple.

But then I realized I was not yet done. I still have the rest of this novel to finish, since it is not done yet. The story can't end with my main character getting ready for her rehearsal dinner, can it? No, it can not.

I still have to write a few scenes before the first draft is done. After that, I need to weed out some mistakes in the draft (they are in there and I know it). Then, I will send it off to beta readers. They will then tell me what is wrong with it. I will fix those things and try again, writing the entire novel over. I will repeat this process until they don't have anything negative to say about it anymore. Then I will do it again so that I am happy with it. Then, who knows what will happen.

I do have other projects I am going to work on while I am editing this one. A short story called Deadly Delicats is next on my to-do list, followed by Charmed. I am excited to write both of those, since they will be way fun.

If you have won NaNo, keep working. If you haven't, keep working.

See you soon,



  1. We both won today! CONGRATS!

    So, im thinking I definitely need to be a beta! Lol

  2. So proud of you! You GO BOI!

    And remember: I'm numero uno on your beta-reading list!

  3. congrats!!
    wow, that´s a great certificate!
    have a nice wonderful day!


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