Monday, November 14, 2011

NaNoWriMo: Day 14

Well, poo! Here's the story of how I totally was going to write 2500 words today, but... didn't.

So I was cruising along, writing words and whatnot, writing backstory and building up to the end-of-the-first-part-climax-thing, and I am doing really well. I am writing words like it's no feat, and I start to get cocky.

"This is totally easy," I say to myself. "I can totally do this." So then I do other things, things that don't get words added onto my novel, and things that I really don't need to be doing. Like turning around, just looking at my bookshelf, or watching the Hunger Games trailer a few times.

I'm doing nonsensical things, and then I'm all, "Well, I should write some more words now." So then I do that. And then after some words, I do other things. Like make food, and eat, and think about how I want to read Twilight again.

And then more words. And then procrastination, and nonsensical things. And now here I am. I'm a big advocate for getting a good night's sleep, and to have a working, regular sleep cycle, so I'm not going to stay up another hour to write. I'm about 1000 words short of what I wanted to write today, which was 2500, so I'll have to write 2750 words tomorrow-Friday. And I. Will. Do. It. I know I said the same thing yesterday, but it will be different tomorrow, I swear!

Words written today: 1354
Total word count: 18863

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