Thursday, November 3, 2011

NaNoWriMo: Day 3

Hey, everyone! How is your NaNoing going? Are you up to the suggested word count for the day, 5000 words? I'm not. Let me explain...

So I was writing along, and then I realized that it was almost seven o'clock. By then, I had reached 4000 words, and only had 1000 to write until I reached 5000 words. But the thing about it being seven o'clock is that at eight The Vampire Diaries is on, and then The Secret Circle. So I prioritized, and decided I'd write the remaining 1000 words after I watched the shows.

I then did basically nothing for an hour, waiting for the shows to go on. I know I logically should have been using that time to write, but ya know, I thought I had it in the bag.

And then after ten, I wasted more time, until I finally sat down to keep writing. In that time, I got nearly 650 words written, leaving only 350 to write to reach the word goal for the day. But then I had to blog about it, and here I am now!

So this basically means I'm going to have to write about 2000 words tomorrow, which shouldn't be too bad since it's a weekend and I can go to sleep whenever I want. Or not to go sleep at all.

Next week is going to be really good for my writing, because I have no school on Monday, and half days on Thursday and Friday. I can use all of that time to write if I want!

So that's what happened today.

Words written today: 1219
Current word count: 4642


  1. I'm a nanowrimo slacker. Still working on my outline - ugh but I'm counting those as words :-D

  2. I got to 6666 today, so I'm a full day ahead :) It feels so good to be ahead, I love it.


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